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The industrial plant manufacturer M&L Engineering from Karlsruhe has specialised in evaporator plants and heat exchangers for the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. The devices as shown here are, among other things, used for coffee refinement in Malaysia.

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  • M&L Engineering GmbH
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M&L Engineering GmbH

Evaporator plants with separator

The devices consist of vertically arranged tube bundle heat exchangers with a tube length of up to 12m and a diameter of up to 1.2m. Depending on the type of construction, up to 380 tubes with a diameter of 42.4mm are welded into the evaporators. The evaporators are connected with the corresponding separators by means of lateral tangential nozzles.


  1. mainly 1.4301, surface predominantly 2B
  2. partly with mineral wool insulation and insulation coating made of aluminium (riveted) or stainless steel (welded)

Surface treatment:

  1. inner and outer surfaces pickled and passivated

Operating data:

  1. from pressureless to 4 bar, depending on type of construction
  2. normally acceptance by H&K

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