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H&K Behälter- und Edelstahltechnik GmbH
The experts for individual tanks and special designs.





H&K Behälter- und Edelstahltechnik GmbH
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PERFECTION to the finish

Surface finishing

For adding the fnishing touches, a variety of surface treatment methods can be applied. However, the focus is not only on brilliance. Functionality is given priority also in this field of processing. In addition to the standard procedures — pickling and passivation — our tanks can be surface-finished with most different methods. Depending on customer's application, we grind, brush, polish (also electrolytically), or coat your tank. Customized and optimized for the special requirements at the place of installation.

Automatic welding machines

State-of-the-art welding technique enables very short mounting times. Moreover, it provides optimum safety for our customer's products.
How we define quality.

What can be achieved with technical equipment and know-how

Individual manufacturing

We do not only manufacture individual parts and complete plants but also support you during the planning phase, if required. We want you as our customer to profit from the longstanding know-how the H&K staff has gained in the construction of special tanks. The constant high quality of our products is based on high-grade manufacturing processes, which we have been continuously further developing since the foundation of our company in 1994.
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Product range

H&K: Customized tanks and equipment

Joint planning

Perfect storage, processing, or mixing of the raw materials – that's what our customers expect from our products. Different technologies in different lines of business of our customers require customized manu­facturing. And that's exactly the strength of H&K Behälter- und Edelstahltechnik GmbH. Accordingly we are producing customized and functional equipment and tanks for demanding customers from the following industrial sectors:
What we made for our customers.

Industrial sectors